Update on Chaz and Constance

Last weekend when we traveled to Philly to do our most recent interview we also brought copies of both Chaz and Constance’s stories with us in hopes of finding them and speaking with them again. I had received a lot of helpful information in the comment sections of the posts that I created for both Chaz and Constance’s stories and I graciously wrote the contact information of the organizations mentioned on the back of their stories so that they may utilize it if they choose it. Thank you to everyone who commented for your feedback, your incentive to help those less fortunate warms my heart and I appreciate the information that you all provided me with.

However, when we arrived at Constance’s spot someone else was already there. Although, she had told us that she rotates between a few different places so we’re hopeful to see her on another visit out to the city.
When we arrived at Chaz’s spot he was not there either but he also said that he has other spots and named a few of them during our interview so we pushed further and remained hopeful.

Previously, Chaz had told me the name of the store front that he sleeps in front of so I thought that this location would be our next best bet at locating him. We were able to find Chaz’s stash of belongings in the alleyway beside the building but it did not look like he had been there recently so we went inside the store to question an employee. We showed the two girls that were working a photo of him but they didn’t recognize him, although the did point us in the direction of a few homeless individuals that they believe deserve a chance to have their stories which we appreciate.
Keeping in mind that Chaz has been taking care of cats for the past year that he has been living on the streets of Philadelphia we stopped in the pet store a couple of buildings down on a whim and asked them if they had seen him. They knew who he was but unfortunately had not seen him for about three weeks, our interview was about four weeks ago.
The women who worked there were very kind and agreed to hold onto his story and the package of cookies that we had brought with us for him in case they saw him again.
After we parted ways I stopped back at his spot in the alleyway to investigate a little more and left him a note saying that I hope he is well and explaining that the girls at the pet store had something for him, I also left my contact information in case he ever wanted to get in touch. I genuinely hope that Chaz is well and that the reason for his absence s because he has found a better living situation.

When we first spoke to Chaz he did tell us that he was in a housing program so I’m hopeful that this program was successful for him and he is somewhere where he is better off. I wish him only the best and remain hopeful that I will one day receive a call from him.


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