A Tribute to My Youngest Sister

Recently my little sister Jasmine, who just turned nine years old last month, became inspired by my idea of putting donation bins around my college’s campus to collect donations for future care packages. The request has since been denied by college officials but Jasmine has taken matters into her own hands.

Just the other night she approached me and offered to speak to her elementary school principal about setting up drop of donation bins throughout her own school. I told her that sounded like a great idea and that I’d love to work on this with her together. Jasmine has since taken the initiative of speaking to her principle and is well on her way to transforming her idea into a reality.

I’m feeling very proud of her for coming up with this all on her own and for taking the necessary steps to make it happen. Ever since we started Naming the Homeless Jasmine has been eager to participate in our mission any way possible. She even attended one of our interviews with us in which she took notes and came up with her own question to ask.

I’m so glad that she shares the same desire to help others as we do and the fact that she is so involved and dedicated to our mission at the young age of nine is truly inspiring.

Thank you, Jasmine ❤️



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