Thank you, Riverfront Cares Club!

From the very beginning of this journey, our community has been extremely supportive of Naming the Homeless.

Within the first few months of the project, all of our care packages were comprised of items that had been donated, and we were able to pass out more bags than ever!

In less than a year, we met our $1,000 goal to continue funding our care packages.

Screenshot 2019-04-08 at 12.54.48 PM
If you’d like to make a donation to our GoFundMe, click here.

With that being said, I couldn’t do this project without the help of all of you guys. The amount of support that we have received from our community is absolutely overwhelming and something that I am grateful for every day.

We’ve received generous donations from neighbors, local Girl Scouts, the Interact Club at the Florence Memorial High School, the list goes on.

Here are some photos from when the Girl Scouts used Naming the Homeless as a service project for last year’s thinking day:

Now, we’ve added the Riverfront Cares Club of the Riverfront Middle School to the list.

Jasmine, my 10 year old sister, told her teacher who manages the club about Naming the Homeless and together, the middle school students came up with a plan to collect donations for care packages.

The Cares Club hosted an after-school bingo event and were able to pack over 20 (!!) care packages for us deliver to the homeless.

Let’s take a look at the positive impact their efforts made on our new YouTube channel!


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