More than one quarter of Philadelphia residents, roughly 400,000 people, live below the poverty line. These are people that are one paycheck, one sick day, one more eviction notice away from becoming homeless.

As of January 2018, 1,083 people live on the streets, according to city data. Each person has their own reason for finding themselves on the streets. The Naming the Homeless podcast explores what these reasons are and how they differ to offer the public a better understanding of what it is to be homeless. 

The Naming the Homeless Podcast Overview

Hi and welcome to the Naming the Homeless podcast, where I’ll be sharing stories of homelessness to promote awareness and better understanding of the issue. In the overview episode I talk about our mission and open up the floor for the questions that our Instagram followers had for us. Click play to find our why I started this project, what we do, and how you can do it yourself.

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