Origin Story

My first experience with a homeless person was being told not to talk to them. Not because they didn't want me to, but I wanted to give the young girl my silver dollar and they were trying to teach me not to hand out money. Eventually they gave in, having no idea how this moment would influence me in the future. Keep reading to learn about my first experience with a homeless person.

Edwardo’s Story

Edwardo, originally from Detroit, has been homeless for half his life. Now 45, he's traveled the country looking for a better opportunity. Traveling is a lifelong goal for some, but Edwardo feels like he leaves a piece of himself behind with each move. The homeless account for some of America's most vulnerable and overlooked citizens. This is especially true during the COVID-19. Edwardo's search for a better opportunity, and daily survival, comes with the risk of losing his life.

Tamika’s Story

Tamika graduated college. In fact, she went to my university, Rowan, and got a degree in business. From there she began gaining more work experience and a thirst to see the world. To celebrate her success she would travel the country with her family and boyfriend of 10 years. In May, her boyfriend passed away. Tamika couldn't believe it. She began to struggle to support herself on her own and found herself on the streets. She used to look down on the homeless and now she is one of them. Read more to find out what happens next.

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